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Guitar setup

Your guitar should feel comfortable under your fingers.

The feeling and sound of your instrument are directly dependent on its setup, and the perception of these is an absolutely subjective and personal factor.

By "setup" we mean:


Action and

By "string action" we mean the height of the strings in relation to the frets, in various points of the neck. This is a very personal measurement: some players prefer it very low, others want more space under the strings. Sting action has an undeniable effect on tone, too.


Alectronics adjustment and cleaning

The correct distance between the pickups and the strings, along with a good upkeep of the electronics, are essential to a great functioning guitar.

Sweat and dust are a big problem for electronic components, which must be cleaned carefully.

The height of the pickups affects their response and timbre, as does the choice of circuit.


General cleaning and string choice

Cleaning does not mean simply blowing out some dust. The fretboard accumulates debris and hand sweat, which makes it uncomfortable to use and accelerates the aging of the strings. The wood of the fingerboard must be cleaned and hydrated, to avoid unwanted movements of the neck. The gauge of the strings has a great impact on the tension and feel of the instrument.

Your setup must be discussed together, based on your needs.

How much does it cost?

The time and work required to set up the instrument vary widely, depending on the type of guitar, the hardware, any necessary interventions and the objective you want to achieve.

The average price, however, is around €25

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